The Crystal Bone Way

A new exciting path has unfolded.⁣ The Crystal Bone Way is a healing-focused practice where you are invited to find F R E E D O M.⁣ It is made up of themes such as mindfulness, presence, meditation, tarot, creativity, and so much more.⁣ Take the step into the here and now as you redefine what it means to exist.⁣


This is the journey into the present moment. Explore the peace within the teachings, cause, books, art and explorative journalism. You can do so now by purchasing a copy of the tarot deck, following the instagram, reading the journal, subscribing to the site, or by making a donation.

Jace Anderson

Jace Anderson is an American spiritualist, clairvoyant, designer, journalist, and artist. His teachings and methods have been described as a combination of truth, ethereal, spiritual, and expansive. A continual thread of the core message is woven into all facets of each creation.

Jace Anderson has made a promise to you to keep all content completely commercial-free. For that reason, the content will not be featured alongside advertisements. Jace Anderson is continually developing side projects and documenting the path of life in an attempt to educate others on meaning, consciousness, inspiration, spirituality, and self-exploration. Stay up to date by reading the journal entries or by subscribing now.



FREEDOM - The Begining

Welcome. The hope of cultivating and maintaining peace, understanding and happiness has been an ongoing struggle for humans forever. Teac...

1 The Magician

Element : All elements Challenge : Inevitable Personality : Universal Balance : Yes The magician is the very first card of a tarot deck. ...

The Work - Byron Katie

It is a noble truth that all life involves pain and suffering. This includes the universal inability to become lastingly fulfilled. There...

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