The Crystal Bone Way

A new exciting path has unfolded.⁣ The Crystal Bone Way is a healing focused practice where you are invited to find purpose.⁣ It is heavily focused on themes such as mindfulness, presence, meditation, tarot, creativity, and so much more.⁣ Take the step into the here and now as you redefine what it means to exist.⁣


Take the journey into the present moment with your life by exploring the cause, books, art, music, teachings, and explorative journalism. You can do so now by getting a copy of the tarot deck, downloading the music, listening to the podcast, following the instagram, subscribing to the youtube, reading the blog, making a donation, or by subscribing to the newsletter below.

Jace Anderson

Jace Anderson is an American clairvoyant, designer, journalist, and recording artist. The teachings and creations have been described as a combination of ethereal, spiritual, tribal, and experimental. A continual thread of the experience is woven into all facets of each production.

Jace Anderson has made a promise to you to keep all content completely commercial-free. For that reason, the content will not be featured alongside advertisements. Jace Anderson is continually developing side projects and documenting the path of life in an attempt to educate others on meaning, consciousness, inspiration, spirituality, and self-exploration. Stay up to date by visiting backstage or by subscribing using the form at the bottom of this page.



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"Crystal Bone Tarot - A Search for Who You Are"

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