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A new exciting path unfolds.⁣ The Crystal Bone Way is a healing-focused resource where you are invited to find F R E E D O M.⁣ It is made up of powerful themes and practices such as mindfulness, spirituality, meditation, symbolism, tarot, creativity, and so much more.⁣ Take the step into the here and now as what it means to exist is redefined. This is the journey into the present moment. Explore the peace that is illustrated within these teachings, woven into the cause, written in the books, and portrayed through the art and explorative journalism. You can do so today by reading the journal, subscribing to the site, purchasing a copy of the tarot deck, following the Instagram page, or by making a donation now.













jace anderson

Jace Anderson is an American author, spiritualist, clairvoyant, designer, journalist, and artist. His teachings and methods have been described as a combination of true, ethereal, spiritual, mind-altering, and expansive. A continual thread of the core message is stitched into all facets of each creation. Jace Anderson has made a promise to you to keep all content completely advertisement-free. For that reason, the teachings and elements herein will not be featured alongside any irrelevant promotional nonsense. Jace Anderson is continually developing many side projects and documenting the path of life in an attempt to direct others to discover their truth, meaning, consciousness, inspiration, spirituality, and self-awareness for themselves. Stay up to date by reading the journal entries or by subscribing now.



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