00 The Fool

Element : Air

Challenge : Inevitable

Personality : Universal

Balance : Yes

The fool is an interesting card within a tarot deck for a few reasons. For one, it does not truly have a place within the arrangement of cards. Some would say that it belongs at the beginning of the major arcana. Some would say that it belongs at the end. I have even read in a few studies on tarot, that The Fool belongs somewhere within the major arcana. In the Crystal Bone Tarot deck, however, I have designed it so that The Fool can be located along any path, behind and in front of any cards, and it is the genuine antithesis of a wanderer.

In the free eBook, that is available for download at the bottom of the screen on www.thecrystalboneway.com, it is stated that any card that reveals itself in a reading can represent yourself, another person, or people, as a situation, objects, or memories. The first thing I would like to note about The Fool is that it represents the element of air. This could be interpreted in many ways. It is recommended to consider each of the following. The three air signs from the studies in astrology: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Events that can happen in the sky or through the air. Things that can be found floating or flying. Consider each of these with an open mind and allow the images in your mind to develop by themselves.

This card is one of the strongest cards representing the realm of the ether from the Crystal Bone Tarot deck. What that means is that this card is not to be taken lightly. The ether can act as the space between the waking world and the dreaming world. It is a kind of glue that keeps reality, non-reality, physical things, thoughts, and everything else together. The cards within this deck, that have an element of the ether, are to be considered as inevitable life events. Once again keep an open mind as you move your way through discovering what The Fool is pointing to within your own path.

A frame is hung and is labeled with two zeros. The zeros represent beginnings or represent being on the verge of starting over fresh. This also implies that the journey to this point has not been short. Within the frame, a vast open land seems to stretch outward infinitely. This space is to be interpreted in whichever explanation your intuition immediately creates out of it. To be more specific, this land is a clean slate full of innocence and freedom; a reminder of presence and wonder. Is this a mirror? One shall examine how the self is represented in the cards. Is this a canvas? One must play with the idea of spontaneity that can be felt while creating works of art. Is this an opening to someplace new? One shall think about which areas of their story epitomize the undiscovered.

Looking closely as one takes the journey through the major arcana can answer these questions. Be adventurous and openminded while stepping into the unknown and throughout this entire transition. At this time, a blank slate and a fresh beginning are being offered. Take a good look at how your next step is the first into this newness and how each step after that is just the same. Have confidence and faith, take the leap.


“I am curious as I step into a place of

wonderment and intrigue.”


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