1 The Magician

Element : All elements

Challenge : Inevitable

Personality : Universal

Balance : Yes

The magician is the very first card of a tarot deck. This character is the epitome of creation, beginnings, and magic. Step into the now as the journey of all journeys creates itself within the unfolding path of the eternal present.

In the free eBook that is available for download at the bottom of the screen on www.thecrystalboneway.com, it is stated that any card that reveals itself in a reading can represent yourself, another person, or people, as a situation, objects, or memories. The first thing to note about the magician is that it represents all elements. This could be interpreted in many ways. It is recommended to consider each of the following: all astrological signs, events that happen spontaneously, things that can be found in and of any realm (externally, internally, astrally, mentally, physically, and so on). Consider each of these with an open mind and allow the images in your mind to develop by themselves.

This card, as well as any other card represented by the major arcana, is to be seen as an inevitable challenge. What that means is that this card is not to be taken lightly. These experiences are to be seen as a step that keeps the staircase of reality, non-reality, physical things, thoughts, and everything else together. Know that these challenges are here to make you stronger, and to prepare you for what is t come. Once again, keep an open mind as you move your way through discovering what the magician is pointing to within the journey of your own path.

With a burst of infinite energy, a figure realizes they have power and can finally see their full potential. Lots of momentum is to be expected in the presence of this card. Look at all possibilities, there may be more than realized. This is the ability to attract effortlessly. There is an uncanny knack for receiving desires. Remember that a desire isn't always what is wanted, it is more of what the state of the mind holds. Is this magic? One should take a moment to understand what magic truly means. Is this manifestation? One must acknowledge all things and in which ways they became a reality.

What seems vulnerable may be quite secure. In the areas that feel as if they are unstable, look closer. There may be more confidence than previously recognized. Be careful, as if one looks too closely stable quickly becomes volatile. An ambitious beginning can inspire one to release all resistance and tap into universal knowledge. The magician is keen at silencing the illusions of the mind and discovering the quiet guidance from deep within. Now is a time of making progress. How is a journey of one million miles started? With a single step. It is always the same anywhere; there is only one thing to do so become profoundly present with the simple task at hand. Just start.


“As above so below

and as within, so without.”


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