2 The High Priestess

Element : Water

Challenge : Inevitable

Personality : Universal

Balance : Neutral

The High Priestess is the guardian of peace. This character symbolizes intuitive nature and the expansive subconscious. Gaze deeply within to find the inner voice of truth and answers.

In the free eBook that is available for download at the bottom of the screen on www.thecrystalboneway.com, it is stated that any card that reveals itself in a reading can represent yourself, another person, or people, as a situation, objects, memories, or thoughts. The first thing to note about this card is that it represents the element of water. This could be interpreted in many ways. It is recommended to consider each of the following: the astrological signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, emotions surrounding feelings of connection, things that can be found in or associated with water. Consider each of these with an open mind and allow the images in your mind to develop by themselves.

This card, as well as any other card represented by the major arcana, is to be seen as an inevitable challenge. What that means is that this card is not to be taken lightly. These experiences are to be seen as a step that holds reality, non-reality, physical things, thoughts, sensations, and everything, together. Know that these challenges are here to make you stronger, and to prepare you for what is to come. Once again, keep an open mind as you move your way through discovering what this card may be pointing to along the journey of your own path.

A believer in magic uses their intuition as they gaze into the expansive subconscious. This card presents the opportunity to pause, reflect, and to focus on the inward path. This figure is captured midair in a meditative state. With enough practice and when one maintains a healthy habit of mindful self-awareness, many unexpected abilities and insights are revealed. Keep yourself centered by noticing where awareness flows. The inner workings of life hold knowledge beyond concepts and witnessing this creation of consciousness can offer advice through any journey. Instead of just being aware, be aware that you are aware.

Is this figure lifting, floating, or falling? This is a subtle reminder to be conscious of the miracles of the body. There are really only ever three things the body seems to be capable of doing: sitting, standing, or laying down. The observing presence of awareness transcends the body and is beyond the physics of this world. It is lifting, floating, and falling with reckless abandon when one is not centered. Resting at the seat of bearing witness to the myriad things of life one comes to build a relationship with universal intelligence. That inner plane of existence can be both a sanctuary and a profoundly unhallowed plane. When we try to fix the outer workings of the world we develop sensations of loss and confusion, however, when we become familiar with the inner workings of awareness we develop sensations of groundedness and peace. Look to the dreams or spontaneous insights of guidance for answers at this time. Meditate, notice, relax, release, be.


“I acknowledge the profound wisdom

given to me from the universe.”


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2 The High Priestess

Element : Water Challenge : Inevitable Personality : Universal Balance : Neutral The High Priestess is the guardian of peace. This...

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