40-Day Program by Lisa Natoli

A Course In Miracles is a book published in the 1970s inspired by the need for a change in the way of life for the legacy of all mankind. The book was written through two scribes, Helen Schucman and William Thetford, by the means of meditation, contemplation, dreams, and knowing there is another way to live with a willingness to listen deeply and follow the guidance given. The book contains three sections: the text, the workbook, and the manual. The text is the explanation with directions to experiencing the inner guidance to the love, peace, and joy that each being contains. The workbook is made up of simple daily practices for 365 days, each with the same goal of unveiling the truth that seems to hide behind the madness of the human mind. The manual expresses the need to teach this love, peace, and joy to the world by learning it in thyself; the teacher and the student are inseparable and both are one; together they create the teaching.

There is a program (a free apple app and a free online registration) developed by Lisa Natoli that summarizes what she believes are the most important lessons from the book. Inspired by the awakening story of Jesus during his 40 days in the desert, Lisa Natoli builds a step-by-step program that follows similar principles. It opens with 3 days of preparation with a 40-day "retreat" from the old way of being that includes contemplations, practices, and tips for paying attention to the habits and abilities each of us has access to use, change, and evoke.

During my 40 days "in the desert" I have gathered notes and epiphanies brought to me throughout the journey. That which follows is to be used as a means to discover what it is within yourself that is loving, peaceful, joyful, healed, perfect and connected to all life. If you find yourself inspired by this or that something within you is provoked, I encourage you to take the journey yourself. It is full of challenging words of wisdom that attempt to bring about a shift in consciousness within for the benefit of living a life of pure and consistent serenity.


There are two ways of being: in fear or in love. Each situation, person, thought, belief or experience is filtered through one of these two ways of being. Fear is nothing more than a false view of reality which is usually based on a "past" or a "future". Love is the way of being in which truth shines through, revealing reality as it really is here in the now, in the eternal present moment. When there is fear, all that is needed is for you to entertain some doubt about what you think is the problem, and choose love instead. The primary priority to every moment is to spend time in love. Choose love, then act.

See the world and its people as your friends by staying in stillness and acknowledging the love that makes them what they are. Wake to the true self by laying grievances aside and again choosing love instead. When there is a grievance, know truly that love can hold no grievances. All pain, fear, guilt, resentment, and so on are sharp-edged toys that only bring further blame and attack. The use of which creates even more pain, fear, guilt, resentment, battle, war, and so on. It is time to put these toys away. There is no value there. Acknowledge any apparent difficulties, sicknesses, limitations, pains, or problems and ask yourself if there is any gain in holding on to any of these. You created this pain, conflict, or disease and it has no value. Sickness is only a defense against the truth. With gratitude, chose the healing presence of love instead. It is time. What you are is innocent (love) and can easily become obscured by illusions (fear). Commit to the present inner innocent light of love and recognize that the truth of wholeness within releases all forms of fear. It is a light shining out the darkness and revealing complete love, peace, and joy. It is your responsibility to care for this light and childlike love that is within by listening, nurturing, and resting in peace with it. True value can only be found here. Bless your fellow earthlings by becoming healed, for when you are healed you are not healed alone, for when you are healed the world is healed.

The world will continue to do all the things it normally does. People will still act the way that they always act. Just stand in the center of the chaos holding to the vigilance of love. Allow everything to be exactly as it is. Let the chaos be chaos, let people be as crazy as they want to be. You are called on consistent vigilance (the action, or state, of keeping careful watch [loving awareness] for possible danger or difficulties [fearful thinking]). Forgive everything and everyone completely! That means to allow what is to be as it is. There is no other way to serenity but to totally surrender and commit to love - all or nothing!

You are not the body. You are loving awareness. By accepting this truth of what you are you let the mind and the body be wholly healed. Experience all as it truly is (healed, whole, perfect) and not as it is falsely believed (sick, incomplete, flawed). The love that you are is deeply disturbed by the fear that you are not. Notice this surface disturbance and shift to the stillness that is deep within.

If you defend yourself you are attacked whereas true strength lies in defenselessness for it shows you what is hidden. Safety lies in defenselessness. Fear is the forgetting of what you truly are and there are two major defenses against the truth. One major defense is the belief that you are the body and that you are can be hurt. The other major defense comes from attempting to solve this predicament by "trying" this or "fixing" that. Be aware that "trying" and "fixing" are both at the core of what causes problems. Planning the future, activating the past, and organizing the present as wished are all acts of resistance to what is, to resist love. It all comes from a place of fear in which the problems birth themselves. Release the fearful timeline and return to the presence of stillness, trust, forgiveness, and love that is always here in the now. By yielding and surrendering (being ok with feelings/experiences) you reach the light of loving peace in the present moment where there are no problems. Rest into a letting go of stories and a letting go of trying to fix the body. Allow the truth to come. This moment is here for learning to keep it sacred and not for defending because loving awareness needs no defense against the truth of reality.

What do you want? Is it a solution to your predicament or is it peace, love, and joy? Before jumping in, pause. Ask what kind of day, feelings, things, and/or experiences you really desire. Acknowledge what things that you want, need, would love to do, or have. Take note of what beliefs you hold about why it is you can't do or have these things. Ask yourself what experience you would get out of them (usually this is the hope for an experience of peace, freedom, happiness, joy, love, and so on). You have and are this experience already! Know this deeply, only then should you take a step toward the things that you want, need, would love to do, or have. Make no decision by yourself by allowing love to guide you through. Loving guidance is calm, always at rest, and wholly certain. With sincerity, ask for this guidance and ask to let the part of you that can not see that you have it all now be healed. Let it all unfold toward truth as it does. Fall in love with the realization that you have everything, that you ARE everything, that you are guided by loving awareness, and that your direct experience is always of abundance.

Take moments throughout the day to pause and notice where your attention lies. Do this both in the presence of others and while alone. Are you distracted? Are you worried? Are you anticipating? Are you attached? Are you present? Just notice where consciousness flows and pay attention to the call to joy from within and redirect attention toward it. Remember what you are, remember love, remember peace. Pause and rest in calmness proclaiming with certainty that "I am listening".

Your holiness (loving awareness) blesses the world. There is nothing holiness cannot do! Identify with your holiness by surrendering, having faith, pausing, and trusting. You have a responsibility: the ability to respond with love and to extend the peaceful truth. Know that you are here ONLY to be truly helpful, that your purpose is to love, it is what you are. Each encounter is a holy encounter in which you choose to recognize the one being meeting the one being. It meets itself with love. Keep the mind open and join with it in unity. Listen to it and "others" without jumping into reactivity. The power in you sees the power in the "other" and notices that all that exists is surrounded by the only power to which we all belong, as one. Be willing to trust life to the guidance given from love, that everything comes out of love, that everything is love. Practice complete trust and dependency on loving awareness.

Notice it all and congratulate yourself on being where you are by honoring this moment. Pause and remember your purpose: to be truly helpful by praying in love and fasting from fear. Choose the strength of love for all is as love would be. What you are suffers nothing.


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