A New Earth - Eckhart Tolle (part 1)

The following are notes and insights inspired while reading the book "A New Earth" by the author and spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle. This information is not meant to add new information or beliefs to your mind or try to convince you of anything. It is simply meant to bring about a shift in consciousness for you to wake up. These words are not concepts or ideas to play within your head. They should not provoke a sense of agreement or disagreement. They are about finding you.

This will change your state of consciousness or be completely meaningless. Only those who are ready to awaken will understand. Not everyone is ready; to these people, this text can still be experienced as writings. To those who are ready, and many people are, these words will provide glimpses into an awakening for the individual. For each person who awakens, it causes momentum in the collective consciousness, and it becomes easier for others to do the same.



noun -the act of bringing or recalling a feeling, memory, or image to the conscious mind.


The Buddha is said to have given a "silent sermon" once during which he held up a flower and gazed at it.

Flowers can be looked on as the enlightenment of plants leaping to an entirely different level of being: plants become flowers, rocks become crystals, some become precious stones, reptiles become birds.

They are all lifeforms that are temporary manifestations of the underlying one life, one consciousness. They all are experienced as having an ethereal quality to them.

Be with it, to know its essence, beyond the outer form (physical, labeling, naming, psychological) into its inner essence (beingness, formless, spiritual).

Being, just being, can allow humans (like flowers, crystals, precious stones, and birds) to become transparent to the light of consciousness and let in the enlightenment.

Messengers have included teachings that became widely misunderstood and often distorted greatly. Their messages did not transform human behavior, except for a very small minority of people.

Their messages may be important, yet secondary. What is primary is Being, recognition, consciousness, awakening.

The imposter pretending to be you: when it recognizes itself, awakening begins.

You cannot fight it and win like you cannot fight the darkness. The light in consciousness is all that is necessary, you are that light in enlightenment.

Looking deeply into humanities ancient traditions you find two core insights:

1) The realization that in the "normal" state of mind most humans have, although highly intelligent, contains strong elements of dysfunction or even madness. In Hinduism, they call it Maya, the veil of delusion. In Buddhism, they call it Dukkha, suffering, unsatisfactoriness, or misery. In Christianity, they call it Sin, from the original greek misunderstood translation meaning to miss the mark on being human. That is to say, to miss the purpose of human existence. It is to be understood that wherever you go, whatever you do, this dysfunction will be encountered and will manifest itself in every situation sooner or later. Some examples of dysfunction include, but are not limited to the following: destruction, war, fear, greed, desire, a need for power, slavery, torture, violence, sickness, bombs, guns, killing, extermination, poisoning, genocide, slaughter, control, ill-treatment, etc. Diagnosis of humanity as a psychiatrist would determine in a single psychiatric patient: chronic paranoid delusions, a pathological habit of committing murder, acts of extreme violence, cruelty against perceived "enemies", criminally insane, with only a few brief lucid intervals. Motivations: fear, greed, desire, need for power. All created by the dysfunction. This is seen widespread over humanity and also on the relationships of individuals and also in each of themselves. This is the ego.

2) The possibility of a radical transformation of human consciousness or enlightenment. In Hinduism, they call it salvation. In Buddhism, they call it liberation. In Christianity, they also call salvation. Liberation and awakening are other words to describe what they are pointing toward. This would be the greatest achievement in humanity. The recognition of its dysfunction and madness would take president over humanity's works of art, science, or technology. This invites an individual to look at how they live, to see what one is doing, to observe the suffering one creates.

These two core insights, through distorted, misinterpreted, and misunderstood teachings of many disciples, have paradoxically caused additional fear, greed, desire, and power complexes. Religion became a set of belief systems that people could identify with. This caused a further enhancing in the strength of the ego and empowered people to make themselves "right" and others "wrong". A set of beliefs does not make one spiritual regardless of the nature of one's beliefs, however, religions still have a truth that shines through, although dimly.

The more you make your thoughts and beliefs into an identity, the more you are pulled from the dimension of spirituality within yourself. In many religions, people are stuck at this level. Letting go of the mental identification with form, dogma, and rigid belief systems (that is your mind) will allow one to discover the original depth that is hidden within.

Humanity is now able to observe itself through science and technology in a way that humanity is now becoming aware of its dysfunction and madness. Subtle shifts are occurring here and there in the collective consciousness and we are becoming an enlightened planet. This will cause an end to mythologies, ideologies, and belief systems. It is not meant to add further beliefs.

The voice in your head is not who you are

Who are you then? The one who is aware that the question, emotion, or perception arrises.

Ego: identification with forms. This primarily means thought forms, physical forms, and emotional forms. This identification results in a disconnectedness from the whole intrinsic oneness with every "other" and as well as to the source. This forgetfulness is Maya, Dukkha, and sin. It is suffering, delusion, evils, and dysfunction.

Consciousness: the inner realm of heaven, the ether, it is not to be understood as an actual place. It is a state of peace, joy, calmness, contentment, awareness, and surrender exist.

Words (labels, ideas, titles) can cast a hypnotic spell and you might easily lose yourself in them. They make you think that you know what something is (flower, crystal, stone, bird, human) yet it, and all things are unknowable as they all have an unfathomable depth. All we can perceive, experience, and think about is only just the surface layer of reality or the beingness of all things. This beingness is what connects it all.

Instead of productively using thought, humanity became possessed by thought.

To exorcize the self from thought, you need to disentangle your sense of "I", or your beingness, from all of its "things", that is to say, its forms: thought forms, physical forms, and emotional forms. This disentanglement, or enlightenment, or awakening, is what this text is about.

Words reduce reality to a few basic sounds we can make with our tongue, cheeks, teeth, and lips, and with only a few written symbolic visual characters. Do you think that some combination of sounds or symbols could ever explain who you are, the purpose of the universe, or even what a flower, crystal, stone, or bird is in its depth?


These all contain a great error and deep truth. The error is an illusion of ownership that causes a misinterpretation of all reality, thought processes, interactions, and relationships. The deep truth is that of which each of these words points to. It is the one in oneself that watches the error. In simply noticing its presence, that inner self begins to resolve the egoic error.

Identification with the label of your name can attract other identities with gender, possessions, the sense-perceived body, nationality, race, religion, or profession. Also roles such as mother, father, husband, wife, sister, friend, enemy, etc. This includes identifying with things like opinions, knowledge, likes, dislikes, and things that happened to "me" from the past. This is "me and my story".

Awakened people refer to I, me, my, mine, and myself, to refer to Being. Unconscious people refer to identity and feel threatened or angry when the separation of identity with I, me, my, mine, or myself, occurs. This egoic suffering quickly dissolves when it is noticed and the form is simply observed. Without reacting, observe the thought-form, emotional form, and/or physical form, and the suffering simply evaporates. Ultimately one would sense a shifting toward contentment, beingness, awareness, inner peace, and/or joy.

Intellect and thinking do not contain the answers to the dilemmas of human existence. Thinking without awareness is the main dilemma.

Life isn't as serious as the mind makes it out to be.

The ego consists of content and structure. The content is the forms (thought, emotion, physical) and the structure is identification with form. This structure and content of the ego are conditioned by our environment, upbringing, and surrounding culture. The I, me, my, mine, or myself endow the form with a sense of self resulting in the perception that the form becomes part of the identity of who "I" am.

My toy, my car, my house, my clothes. Trying to find my "self" in things ends up causing me to lose myself in them. We see this prevalently in advertising. Its purpose is to convince others that the things they're selling will add something to the consumer's sense of self, that is to say, to enhance the way the consumer sees themselves or to enhance the way the consumer is seen by others.

When something is expensive it becomes exclusive, meaning that not everyone will have it. This fashions a desire for it within the ego. It creates the idea that one may become more fully themselves. Once these forms are obtained by the consumer, it will inevitably lack a fulfilling attribute. When this happens the consumer returns to looking for more. This keeps them buying, keeps them consuming, keeps them with a floundering sense of being unfulfilled, keeps the ego strong and the advertisements working.

We need shelter, clothes, furniture, tools, transportation, and valuable things due to their beauty or inherent ethereal quality.

Most people live in a world deadened by mental abstraction - not sensing the aliveness in it anymore - not inhabiting the reality of living and Being, but a conceptualized and thinking one instead. When you cannot feel the life that you are, you are likely to fill up your life with things. Observe how often the self uses the word "my".

"My ring" may have great monetary and sentimental value but what would happen to the self if it disappears, gets lost, or is stolen? A result of anger or defensiveness would arise. "It's more than just a ring to me!"

Do you realize that you will have to let go of "your ring" at some point? How much more time do you need before you will be ready to let go of it? Has who you are become diminished by the loss? You can care for and value things but when you get attached you will know it is the ego. You are whole without identifying with the form(s). Letting go of things and thoughts is an act of far greater power than hanging on or defending.

Being must be felt, it can not be thought. Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? This is the experience that you have having.

It isn't wrong to want, be proud of, or resent others who have a thing. It isn't right either. It is the ego. The ego isn't wrong, just unconscious; don't take it too seriously.

"I own this" or "I am this" merges the "I" with the thing. If everyone agrees with you there may be other things that point to your ownership. If everyone disagrees with you, they will reject you. Either way, it doesn't matter - the thing you identified with has nothing to do with who you are. People agreeing or not, it is always a fiction.

Wanting, or the need for more, is an addiction and, just like all addictions, leads to further dissatisfaction.

All egos want different things at different times or may not even know what they want except that they don't want what is: the present moment. The ego will always be looking for something else that promises greater fulfillment. No matter what you have, or get, you won't be happy or satisfied long term. Leading you further into wanting more.

"My body." Identification with gender is encouraged at an early age forcing you into a roll. Male and female are words. To identify with strengths and weaknesses places you into categories. Beauty and ugliness. Abilities and disabilities. Healthy and sick. All words and identities are conditioned by your environment, upbringing, and surrounding culture and your ego believes it to be true.

"I am." You just are.

Feeling your body from within (that is to say observe it from the inside) will dissolve these labels and healing will be initiated.

Labels on the body will fail as the body changes. Never weak, never strong, or beautiful, or ugly. It just is what it is at all times. Perfectly balanced.

If you don't identify with the body you can enjoy what beauty, strength, and health it has while they last. In this sense, you can also improve its condition through the right nutrition and exercise. Your sense of worth will not diminish when beauty, strength, or health decline. In fact, with not identifying with it, as the body weakens, its formless essence (beingness, consciousness, awareness) shines brighter through the fading form.

Suffering from an illness allows the ego to identify with it, and as a "sufferer". Attention from doctors constantly confirms to you your conceptual identity as a "patient". Once the ego has found an identity it does not want to let it go. This, amazingly but not infrequently, can lead the ego to create illness to strengthen its identity.


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