Becoming More Fully Present (5 Steps)

In my experience of struggling with anxiety, depression, or any form of mental suffering I have come to discover a few steps that have allowed me to overcome the addictive compulsion toward negative thinking. This blog post is a brief rundown of what has worked for me in becoming more fully present in life so that I can find gratitude and begin to enjoy the experience of it. I have discovered these wondrous tools through endless self-work, reading books on spirituality, and witnessing the methods of others who have discovered presence for themselves. It is my hope that you will find just as much value out of these simple practices as I do.



  1. Witness the sense perceptions of surroundings. Begin with the perception of sight: without using labels notice the shapes, textures, colors, or depths. You can then notice any features of sound: again without using labels notice the loudness, distance, pitch, or intensity.

  2. Acknowledge the breath and appreciate its function. Notice whether each breath is long or short, deep or shallow, slow or hurried. Know that there is no wrong or right way to breathe and that you do not need to direct the breath, only observe the quality. Find gratitude for its experience.

  3. Feel the vibrational energy within pulsing throughout the body. You can most easily notice this in the hands; without moving the hands inwardly observe any tingling, buzzing, or purring. If you can observe this, try moving up the arms. Can you do the same with the feet and the legs? Try the head and the torso.

  4. At this point, you may be well aware of any arising thoughts, but most importantly have recognition of any spaces you have allowed between them. Do not try to push thoughts away. Instead, find gratitude for the experience of the practice of observing. Surrender to the thoughts and discover acceptance of their fleeting qualities.

  5. Be curious about what it is that enables you to be aware of the sense perceptions. Ask yourself what is it that permits the experience of feeling the body from within. Question what it is that allows thoughts to exist at all, or what a thought even is. Find gratitude, acceptance, and surrender to the experience of whatever comes up.


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