The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle

The purpose of this blog post is to act as a reminder of the truth in the now and its homeostatic bliss. This is for anyone wanting to strengthen their relationship with peace. It is an ongoing practice that we all have access to. You owe it to yourself (and you deserve it immensely) to allow the implementation of practicing the love, joy, and harmony that is omnipresent. It is with great celebration that I share these words with you in the hopes that they shine on the truth within to enlighten the powerful being that you are.

Through this self-work, I have come to discover many habits that bring eternal happiness to the world, myself, and those that I love. I have also discovered some of the habits that lead to painful, confusing, and broken consciousness. The following are my notes and insights I had while reading the book "The Power of Now" by the author, messenger, and contemporary spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle. He went through a deep internal transformation and follows the guidance he was given providing a catalyst for universal healing. We can all benefit from cultivating these practices by being willing to experience what he teaches as the only source of peace: The Now.

Read this blog with a sense of deep recognition of the self that dwells within. Only there can the truth be discovered; nothing here can be learned that you do not already know. I invite you to pause and reflect when you recognize it for yourself.


We all have been beggars searching for the richness of life. It is the searching, in fact, that obliterates us from the richness of life that is, and has always been, us. All along. This richness includes and infinitely exceeds pleasure, fulfillment, validation, love, security, and peace. It is not something that the world can offer. It is within, at the depth of presence.

Enlightenment is not an amazing accomplishment. It is not a goal or even something obtained. It is the state of being that you are. When you notice this sense of being that you are, you will find the oneness of all forms in existence. Being is found as the ever-present life that pervades the myriad things throughout the universe which display the indestructible unifying source. It is not something to be understood or learned. It is only to be experienced by deepening your sense of awareness.

The word God has become ammunition for egoic delusions, absurd beliefs, and inspiration for terrorism, destruction, hate, murder, and war throughout our planet. The word has become vastly misunderstood, misused, misinterpreted, and excessively idolized. God is just a religious name for happiness. Happiness is the knowing of your own being as it is through presence, consciousness, or awareness. The common name for this knowing of your own being is “I” and the religious name for the same experience is “God”.

Identification of the self with the mind is to equate who you are to the mind. This is the greatest obstacle to discovering the truth in being and presence. Identification with the mind creates the illusion of separateness and blocks you from yourself, you from fellow men and women, you from nature, and you from the presence of being the conscious awareness that you are. It keeps you from God. It is the belief that you are not a part of the other or that you and/or the other does not belong to the whole. This mental noise prevents you from finding the realm of inner stillness and that creates a false mind-made shadow of fear and suffering. The light in enlightenment (pure presence) casts out this shadow.

The disease (or dis-ease) you experience in any form of pain, physical or emotional, is you being used by your mind. If you cannot free yourself or have a cessation from pain or thought, you are not using it, it is using you. The suffering is the experience of the mind-stuff effectively strengthening the ego (the false self). When this happens you become unconscious, that is to say that you are not aware that the thinker in you is but only a small layer within. Knowing this, you can now observe the thinker (ego, pain, suffering, disease, thought, mind-stuff) and in simply watching it all you begin to realize the vast realm of inner peace, love, joy, creativity, beauty, and intelligence that is beyond thought, beyond the mind, beyond the pain.

The thinker (the voice in your head) comments, judges, complains, speculates, compares, likes, dislikes, and so on. It becomes the tormentor in many people's heads. Their worst enemy. This happens through worries about the future and upset about the past. It distorts the present moment with incessant mind chatter. It is an unnecessary punishment that drains a person of vital energy causing misery, unhappiness, and illness.

Addictive behavior is the reaction to the suspicion that you no longer feel as if you have the choice to stop. It feels stronger than you. It gives you a false sense of pleasure, a pleasure that invariably turns into pain. Identification to thought becomes the addiction to thought. This is the addiction to the ego, and the ego believes (and greatly fears) that you will cease to exist without thought or reactive behavior. The truth is that without thought and reactive behavior, the ego ceases to exist, and the true and peaceful self is what emerges in its place. It wants to keep the story of your past alive by projecting itself into the future. "When this, that, or the other happens, then I will be complete!"

To free yourself from thinking and addiction you must be there as the witnessing presence of thought and behavior. Listen to all the old patterns, watch the reactive tendencies, observe them impartially, and become curious about the various qualities. Do not judge or condemn what you experience, that would be the ego cleverly sneaking its way back into the spotlight. You are the witnessing presence, build a relationship with it by knowing the truth in the phrase "I am." It is the “I am“ behind every layer, label, and idea of existence. The knowing of this is not a thought, it is having the experience of what it is that experiences.

Observe the mind-stuff to see for yourself that the ego is not that which experiences and is never truly present. Consciousness or presence that is free of the mind or ego is above thought watching it all. That doesn't mean that without thought you will not be stepping to a lower sense of being. It is not a step back into any animalistic instincts or a lowering of consciousness. Presence still allows for thought and instinct to exist, but it is in being consciously aware of the emergence of what the present moment holds that illusions being to dissolve. This is the next stage in the evolution of the human experience.

Give your fullest attention to the everyday routine activities and you will discover the source of all life and the peace in presence. To measure your degree of success in being present, become aware of the degree of peace that is felt within. This is meditation. Meditation is essentially the act of becoming intensely curious and conscious of this present moment.

Practicing awareness, presence, stillness, and peace allows consciousness to connect with the vast intelligence of the universe that is in every particle of matter, in every cell of the body, in the makeup of DNA, and in the universal nature of homeostasis. The more we look within and access this infinite realm of being, the more we realize how little it is we know or can know about the mind.

Emotion is the body's reaction to the mind: a reflection of your mind in the body. Strong emotions cause changes in the biochemistry of the body. Feeling and becoming consciously aware of the inner energy field of the body will put you directly in touch with emotions. If you really want to know your mind, look at the present emotion by feeling the inner body. It will always give you an honest reflection. If there is a perception of conflict, watch the emotion (bodily reactions) not the thought. This will allow you to understand the present state of mind instead of becoming a slave to it.

Egoic thinking and emotions have fed off of each other for so much of human existence that the loss of presence has become the norm. "Fear" and "pain" are the main umbrella terms that define a loss of the presence of thought and emotion. To simply notice fear and pain as being present in the body or the mind will bring about a cessation of identification with the fear and/or pain. Being overwhelmed with this cycle is another trick of the ego and in itself can become a doorway into the stillness of the now. Sink deeply into presence with observation and awareness to break this cycle. The ego is then dethroned as the truth of being becomes natural to you as you discover the peace beneath suffering.

The pain created over the now is always some form of nonacceptance or some form of unconscious resistance to what is. Consciousness is the way out of pain. The pain of thought is judgment. The pain of emotion is negativity. You are not the thought, you are not the emotion, you are not the body. You are the watcher, the observing presence, of all of these things. Make a habit out of observing what is going on within each moment to be pointed in the right direction. Don't analyze, just watch. Notice.

Love, joy, and deep peace is the experience found in the gaps of the stream of thought. Love, joy, and peace are not emotions as "emotion" refers to the bodily stirrings accompanying mental feelings. Love, joy, and peace are natural states of being and have nothing to do with the body or the mind. These words have become intellectual ideas that have been clouded with the disturbances or disorders of the ego, that is thought and emotion. Know the difference between love and attraction, joy and pleasure, and peace and harmony.

Where there is one thing, there is always its opposite. Attraction, pleasure, and harmony are all things and by default contain a degree of their opposites: aversion, affliction, and conflict. "Things" are all that is without. "Being" is all that is within. Love, joy, and peace are not things and therefore have no opposite. In the journey of life attraction, pleasure, and harmony, as well as aversion, affliction, and conflict all pass but love, joy, and peace, are all always omnipresent as the path itself.






True love

True joy

Tru peace

When you notice that the ego in another has been triggered, yield to it. Do not resist it or react to it, that would be the irrational ego becoming triggered in you. Catch it the moment it arrives and feed it with love, joy, or peace. It can not survive this as fear and pain can only digest fear and pain and by feeding the ego with love, joy, or peace the true being that is within will be evoked. Fear and pain appear to be big and strong and scary and monstrous, however, this is nothing compared to the light of consciousness. When you bring present attention to the fear and pain, identification with the ego dissolves and the presence from a higher consciousness comes in.

The mind and the ego cover up the present moment with past and future to remain with a sense of having control. You can never fully cope with any mind-made projections such as the past or the future. You can, however, cope with the simplicity that is this present moment. If you no longer want pain, do not create more time, at least not any more than is necessary to deal with the practical aspects of life/now. A painful, unacceptable, unpleasant, or awful present is due to judgment or negativity in the mind. Allowing, accepting, and surrendering to the present moment gives a taste of inner freedom from external conditions. Accept then act - work WITH it. Your responsibility is to not create further pain. The ego is inseparable from time, it lives exclusively through memory or anticipation - it is unwilling to honor and acknowledge the present.

Time is not precious at all; what does not exist can not be. What you perceive to be precious is not time, but it is the now: this present moment. It is the only thing. It is all that there is.

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The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle

The purpose of this blog post is to act as a reminder of the truth in the now and its homeostatic bliss. This is for anyone wanting to st...

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