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We are born, we grow, we wander. It is in our nature to be curious about life and the experiences we have through it, however, it isn't taught to us how to use our curiosity more effectively. Keri Smith is best known for her publication of the bestselling book, "Wreck This Journal" however in her book "The Wander Society", she has a wonderful way of telling a story about a secret community that exists for the beneficial experiences of the individual traveler on this planet and in this psyche. It is my hope that in reading this blog post that inspiration will ensue, curiosity will blossom within, you will learn how to use that curiosity more purposefully, and that you will obtain a copy of the book yourself. Below is a collection of sections that I took to be important from this book.

My notes on the highlights:



Wandering - (verb) the act of unplanned, aimless walking, exploring, or ambling with complete openness to the unknown.

Dedicate yourself to self-examination and exploration and believe in the power of free thought to bring yourself to a place of true freedom. These words act as a respite for those who feel powerless and disenfranchised. This is for the restless spirit, it is for those seeking to burst through old and crippling monotony, it is for a longing to return to the forgotten sources of life. It is about letting the soul, body, and mind roam. It is not about religion, dogma, materialism, wealth, camping, rapid movements, pilgrimage, getting ahead, and so on.

The path for the wanderer is an experiment with the unknown. It is to be idle, to play, and to daydream. It is not to gain time but to lose it altogether.

To be a wanderer you must have a complete immersion in the current situation, a willingness to be open to whatever comes up, and an openness to whatever you find in front of you at the current moment. Learn to get comfortable trusting and following your instincts, that is your purpose. Peace, understanding, and universal flow come with aligning with your purpose.

Reexamine all you have been told at school, in church, or in ANY book.

To the awakened one, complaints, jealousy, and envy are corpses buried and rotten in the earth. An awakened person has power over their impulses.

Ask the question "what are my current surroundings telling me?"

This book is to remind you why you are here. That is to experience it all. To be in this body, fully. Right here. Right now.


  1. Wander everyday

  2. Do not plan your wanderings. Start in any direction. The location and destination are not important.

  3. Use whatever you have. You have everything you need. Use your senses.

  4. Collect and gather. Document experiences and findings.

  5. Remain open. Breathe deeply. Ask the question "What can I discover?"

  6. Allow ideas to come in. Write them down.

  7. Question everything. Even the things you've been told and have read.

  8. Use your imagination in your wanderings.

  9. Use your intuition. Follow hunches. Go toward what you're drawn to.

  10. Encourage your own wild nature. What makes you feel truly alive?


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