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    As we wander our way through life we encounter our surrounding elements of fire, water, air, and earth. At the core of each of these elemental families, a crystal is formed: the foundational structure for all forms of existence. Human beings are framed on the inside with crystals as well: bones of intricately placed masses of calcium and phosphorus salts. These crystals and these bones support our ability to discover the vital connection to the universe, source, ether, god, the observer, the witness, the cosmos, the energy that lives in us all.


    The name "Crystal Bone" was born. With it, we get the chance to explore the self, the ego, and the world.


    I would like to welcome you to approach Crystal Bone as your connection to the universe: everything that is around and inside you. You will discover within these pages, in your tarot deck, and in everyday life, that there is always a pull toward balance. Where the light shines brighter the shadow must be darker, and all other opposites are true as well. Everything is on a quest for homeostasis.


    Whether you are an avid tarot user or new to the practice you will find in this deck inspiration, truth, understanding, and introspection. Most importantly you will discover the universe within.⁣ ⁣⁣This guidebook and the deck will serve you on your journey in exploring and discovering the self and the amazing path that you are on.


    Crystal Bone is a window, a doorway, a labyrinth, a mirror, a compass, a companion, a journey, internal, eternal…Crystal Bone is you!




    The guidebook has within it the images of each card. It does not include the cards. A completely free pdf with meanings of each card and a full walkthrough on how to use the deck is available for download by subscribing at the bottom of


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      FREEDOM - The Begining

      Welcome. The hope of cultivating and maintaining peace, understanding and happiness has been an ongoing struggle for humans forever. Teac...

      1 The Magician

      Element : All elements Challenge : Inevitable Personality : Universal Balance : Yes The magician is the very first card of a tarot deck. ...

      The Work - Byron Katie

      It is a noble truth that all life involves pain and suffering. This includes the universal inability to become lastingly fulfilled. There...

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