Nihilistic God

Nihilistic God

Released December 4th, 2017, "Nihilistic God" features Lauren René Barilla. She assisted in the creation of this album by contributing vocals. The combination of tracks presented on this collection stems from a psychological journey into what it means to be a human living on a planet pervaded with the idea of God. The album draws a new look at "Loaded Gun" and "His Troubled Mind" from the previous album "Family". The core emotional message is to take a look at the quest through love, existence, and depression. The cover art is inspired by the miracle of our planet and our survival and dependancy on it. Preview the album here.


  1. Nihilistic God
  2. Keep on Existing - feat. Lauren René Barilla
  3. I "Need" You
  4. Wrecked (Coming Up)
  5. Music Video
  6. Sitting Looking
  7. The Truth
  8. Sugarcoat the Cracks
  9. Above - feat. Lauren René Barilla

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