Released December 4th, 2019, "JAR THURISAZ" is a scrapbook of audio collected on a psychological and emotional voyage. The combination of tracks presented herein is a meditation of sorts. "Now We Can Laugh About It" sums the overall message of the album in its title alone. It is a suggestion to let go of the past and enjoy the present. The two-headed giraffe on the album cover symbolizes the split between body and spirit. Preview the album here.


1. For Julian

2. In Vitro, I Think, I Might Even Hate You

3. We Were Trying But The Past Became Prison

4. The Father Of God

5. With A Body

6. Nowhere

7. Indigo

8. How I Spend It

9. JAR

10. Now We Can Laugh About It


    1 The Magician

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    The Work - Byron Katie

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